(also espe­cially for seniors)

You lack move­ment because your bones hurt? Gym­nastics is a for­eign word for you because you are so stiff? We can help you: Come to us in warm water. There ever­ything goes almost by itself during aqua fit­ness. Whe­ther you stand up to your chest in a course pool in shallow water or swim in deep water — aqua­fit­ness is a whole body workout for the arms and legs, the but­tocks and the trunk. Sports equip­ment such as swim­ming noodles, aqua discs, spe­cial dumb­bells or aqua­fit­ness gloves can also be used to increase strength, mobi­lity and endu­rance and to pro­mote rela­xa­tion. The buoyancy and resis­tance of the water fur­ther enhance the effects. At the same time the joints are pro­tected. Com­pared to clas­sical water gym­nastics, modern trai­ning is more fit­ness ori­ented. The exer­cises are partly sup­ported by music.


  • ticket for 5 les­sons 45.00 €
  • single ticket 10.00 €

Places and times:

  • Schwimmsport­komplex Frei­berger Platz (Down­load SSK)
  • Swim­ming pool Prohlis on Fri­days from 04:15 to 05:00 pm and from 07:15 to 08:00 pm

Dates: cur­r­ently not available

Aqua­fit­ness courses (also espe­cially for seniors) in the Schwimmsport­komplex Frei­berger Platz: