Helmut-Schön-Allee 2
01069 Dresden

Phone: 0351 – 494 22 03

(sauna landscape)

“Swea­ting bet­ween Alte Meister”

In the begin­ning there was an idea: We wanted to por­tray typical things from Dresden, the region and Saxony in a sauna land­s­cape. The result is unique: Our visi­tors can spend rela­xing hours in an extra­or­di­nary atmo­s­phere around a glass atrium in five themed saunas, several coo­ling basins and res­ting cor­ners, while swea­ting bet­ween “Alte Meister”! How so? Dresden — the baroque pearl of Ger­many, which was also influ­enced by the Renais­sance, has a tre­a­sure trove of works by famous pain­ters from both epochs in its “Alte Meister” pic­ture gal­lery. Through a coope­ra­tion with the State Art Collec­tions, we show selected repro­duc­tions in our sauna landscape.

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Helmut-Schön-Allee 2
01069 Dresden

Phone: 0351 – 494 22 03

Tour through the sauna landscape

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Hot with Ice
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1 Sundays already 08:15 pm

2 except Fri­days and Sundays first 09:30 pm

3 only Fri­days

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Sauna tickets are sold online, because due to corona con­di­tions only a fixed number of visi­tors may enter the sauna. There are no sauna tickets avail­able at the box office.

At pre­sent, spe­cial hygiene regu­la­tions apply, such as wea­ring mouth and nose pro­tec­tion in the desi­gnated areas and kee­ping a distance of at least 1.50 meters.

If the 3 hour tariff is exceeded, an addi­tional pay­ment is due.

Admis­sion tickets entitle the holder to one entry.

The admis­sion fee includes the use of the indoor and out­door swim­ming pool in the summer months.

1 Per­sons with a severe disa­bi­lity of 50% degree of disa­bi­lity or more (only with proof of disa­bi­lity), per­sons with a Dresden Pass or Vol­un­teer Pass of the Dresden Citi­zens’ Foun­da­tion receive the reduc­tion only on single admissions.

2 dis­count: Children and ado­lescents up to 16 years of age, pupils up to 21 years of age (upon proof); due to corona the accom­p­animent of an adult is required for children up to the age of 10. Children up to 1 meter tall have free admission.

With the purchase of the “Dresdner Bäder” advan­tage ticket/bonus ticket (min. 50 €), you save 10 % on entry for every pool or sauna visit (also valid for com­ple­mented tickets/extra services).

You can buy vou­chers in our web­shop or directly in the swim­ming pool.

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