Ice foun­tain, rest & silentium

In addi­tion to various coo­ling sho­wers typical of saunas, some­thing spe­cial is wai­ting for you after the sweat bath for shock-free­zing. Visi­tors lay fresh ice from a well directly on their skin — this makes for a ting­ling expe­ri­ence. Those who wish can also step into a plunge pool or boost their cir­cu­la­tion in the Kneipp pool. The guests can rech­arge on the com­for­table loun­gers in the large rela­xa­tion room, where they can also read. Those who do not want to be dis­turbed at all will find abso­lute silence in the dar­kened “Silen­tium”.

Tour through the sauna landscape