Pan­orama sauna “Brühl­sche Terrasse”

The “Bal­cony of Europe”, as Brühl’s Ter­race is also called, has only been acces­sible to the public for about 200 years. As the most famous part of the Dresden fort­ress, however, it has its ori­gins in the Renais­sance and is one of the most important buil­dings of this epoch. It offers the best view of the Elbe and the Königs­ufer on the Neu­stadt side. The same is true of the spa­cious pan­orama sauna “Brühl­sche Ter­rasse”: through the wide glass front with the city sil­hou­ette, the view of the spa­cious atrium is free. The tem­pe­ra­ture in the wheel­chair-acces­sible, noble infu­sion sauna is about 95 degrees Celsius.

Tour through the sauna landscape